Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 days....

ummey, remember when.....

....we met at EFY and had one of the most
amazing, fun, spiritual, life-changing weeks of our life?

Remember when....... you were Spiderman??

Remember when....... this picture was almost perfect??

Remember when....... we went to every single class???

Remember when....... when Sarah taught us how to be real cheerleaders??

Remember when....... I had a Fiance too???

Remember when....... we cheesed it up???

Remember when....... you were Anne Frank?

Remember when....... we pimped it with Joel....
...before the accident...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 days....

ummey, remember when.....

We went on a road trip from California to BYU-I and sang the whole way there.

Who would have thought that almost exactly a year later... you would be road tripping back home with your Fiance to go to your wedding.

Monday, July 28, 2008

5 days....

ummey, remember when...

We went and bought matching baseball T's.....

And had our pictures taken "Professionally"....

at "Kiddie Kandid's"....

At the Local Mall in Provo Utah...

To make a Best Friends Time Capsule that we never ended up making.

And the pictures turned out looking like Engagement pictures...
and it was kind of weird.... but we laughed about it....
And loved them anyways.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


ummey, remember when....

JoelJoelJoel got into that horrible "car accident" and we had to leave everyone right away to drive to Utah to make sure he was okay?????

Saturday, July 26, 2008


My best friend Summey, or Lauren get's married in exactly one week. I am celebrating her marriage to Skyler and our friendship at the same time. Here is my....


Summey, remember when......

The airport cart mysteriously ended up in my car??????

..... And then we almost died trying to get home from the airport... only this time it was in Utah and my horrible sense of direction????


1. Have a good excuse.
(Like the airport lost my luggage and I don't want to purchase a cart again when I have to inconveniently come back for my luggage you lost.)

2. Proceed to shove cart into car.
Works best when you have your best friend keeping an eye out for anyone coming.

3. If cart is not cooperating... keep shoving.
Works well if your best friend is taking pictures instead of watching for people coming
(usually it helps in the urgency of the matter and sometimes the "shove" has a bit more of an "umph")

4. Have best friend pose near your hard work.

5. Cover masterpeice with extra blankets or jackets.
Usually helps the ticketer not get as suspicious when you are paying your parking fee.

Friday, July 25, 2008


In regards to my last post I must say that I feel like a spoiled brat.
Kind of like this girl...

To everyone that commented:

Darcee: Thank you for your comment, chika! You are right. I should blog because I enjoy doing it and because it makes me happy. Because it DOES. Duh! That is why we are all obsessed with it. It's a fun way to stay in touch with people like old room mates that have moved away. I love reading your blog and seeing how happy you are. Thanks for always reading mine and supporting me! And if anything, I will do it because I love you and I love doing it!

Summey: I love how you always give it to me straight and how it is. That is why you are my best friend. You are definitely right. I shouldn't worry about how many comments I get. That's stuuuppiiiddddd. Now I'm emabarrassed and see how Juvinille that post was. Sum, but that's why you love me. Because you can tell me when I'm wrong. And you always know when the guys I date are going to turn out as L-O-S-E-R-S!!!!! Thanks for commenting on basically every single blog I ever post.

Kirsten: You and Summey are right... I should blog because it's a journal of my life and views on things. I aspire to have a blog as someday as amazing as yours. I know you read my blog everyday, and again, I feel like a bratttttt. Thank you for always commenting. You're always so awesome and supportive.

Jeff: You are possibly the one who laughs the most at my blog and I loooove that. Thank you for being my #1 fan. And your right, I read people's blogs all the time but I sometimes forget to comment too.

Jenni: You are definitely right. I'm a hipocrit now that I think about it. I read your blog all the time but I rarely comment. Does this make me a horrible person? No. Just a lurker. ;-) Thanks for the comment and I'm excited to see you next week.

Rachel: Okay, this one I feel horrible about because I must admit I read nearly every single one of your blogs but have still yet to comment. And yes, of course I remember you!!!!! Lauren only talks about you all the time... if you guys aren't already her 2nd family! I'm excited to see you guys and Peyton next week as well! Thank you for the comment!!

Nattie: I love you and I love that you are blogging now. Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog!! I miss your face like you don't even knooow. Let's do something soon. Oh... and... do you still have that shoe??? Haha, jk I don't want it.. but it's still funny.

Savvy: I'm glad you finally have a blog! Yay! Thanks for commenting on mine and I can tell we'll have many fun times with this!

Now that I have sufficiently been chastened... I promise I will blog for the pure pleasure of doing it. Because I do enjoy doing it. I'm sorry for sounding like a brraat, everyone and I'm just glad I have so many people that love me enough to comment every once and awhile. You guys are amazing and I promise I'll keep up the blogs with the mere point of doing it because I loooove it.

Love you, love you, love you long time!!!
Candy Anderson

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I quit.

So... That's it everybody. I quit.

Nobody ever reads my dang blog. And I spend so much time on it.

This is me and everybody making fun of me because....
they don't read my blog.


No, but seriously. It's a lot of work put into something that nobody reads.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is hilarious. My brother Jace and I were talking to my mom the other day when she says,
"Jace, I was checking out your Facepage the other day and I'm a little disappointed that there aren't more girls on there. You have too many guy friends"
(Yes I realize that what was said about Jace having too many guy friends is a topic all on it's own.)

But hold up..... my mom just called it

HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahaha!

Don't doubt that Jace and I ate this all up. I then said something like, "Yeah, Jace, why don't you talk to more girls on your FACEPAGE?"

And throughout the whole conversation the word facepage was said nearly 36 times. We were hoping we could keep this going for awhile....



Dem-shmem (My little sister also known as Demarie.. who is the ruiner of all fun and even though she is still in High School, I will swear she never was a child) comes in and had to ruin all the fun. "Mom, it's Facebook... not Facepage." She corrected my mom one day. (To which I shot her an evil glare)

Well, DUH Demarie! We know that! It's just fun to hear mom say facepage like she thinks she's cool. It took Jace and I awhile to reconvince her that it's really facepage.

So... if you see her... randomly find someway to bring up your facepage.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today in the News....

Here is the first episode of Candy's Corner!

.... and don't forget to comment!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


My family and extended family took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. At least that's what we were told 8 months up to the actually vacation. 1 week before it apparently all of a sudden never was Yellowstone and we were always going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I am actually still not quite sure which one we went to. However, for the sake of my bloggers sanity (even though I was spared none by my mother in confusing me) we shall call it Yellowstone.

I was told by my mother to arrive at the house at 8:30 am. However, I guessed into their trickery and called my little sister the night before (playing dumb) and asked her what time we were planning on leaving. She told me 9:00 am. I KNEW IT! I caught them in their foolery and woke up at 8:00 am, was ready by 9:00 am around my and doddledapartment until I received a text at 9:45 am from Jace saying we were leaving in 10 minutes. One hour later we were finally in the car about to leave.

Apparently, I waken out from my Zombie-like-state (I generally take about 2 hours to completely wake up) because I then realized we were driving a Dodge Ram Quad Cab Larmie.

This confused me quite a bit. For these reasons:

  1. This thing is a beast.
  2. Doesn't this take a lot of gas?
  3. My dad is super cheap. Wouldn't he want to take the least expensive?
I then ask,
"Um... Dad, how many miles to the gallon does this thing get?" My father then replies,
"We're hoping it gets 12-13."
Traveling 5 hours (or 5 hours was what we were told) in this thing...
I'm glad my family is doing our part to help out the economy. Ha.

Jace then starts teaching Demarie "Baseball 101" or the "Birds and the bee's of baseball" as he put it. He told her this would help her get a husband someday. He taught her the greatest pitcher of all time, Si Young, told her about the Si Young award, helped her memorize which teams belonged to which League's etc.

Five hours into the trip we then realized that this trip had been falsely advertised. It was not going to take us 5 hours to get there. But 7 and 1/2. This time, I had fallen for my parents trickery. Dangit! I knew I should have "Googled" it myself before we left.

Anyways, here are some funny clips I took of our road trip of us trying to entertain ourselves. Let me know what you think!

Jace me and Demarie singing "Gangsters" Paradise

Jace and me singing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Jace making fun of Demarie at Subway because she is "Cranky Franky" and how mom always laughs at Jace's jokes and thinks he is the funniest person ever.

Jace "silent singing" because my dad got annoyed of us being so loud while he was "trying to think"

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Adorables

Here are the kids I nanny.

--------Libby - Age 9

Mandy - Age 7 --------

----------Carter - Age 5

Anni (Pronounced Aunnie) 6 months

I decided I love taking pictures (okay we already knew that) but here are some I took of them. What do you think?


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