Sunday, June 29, 2008


I used to hate dancing. As many of you know, I was in an acting/singing/dancing group in Jr. High and High School called Acting UP. When I first auditioned for the group... I was there for the acting and singing.

However, to be apart of the group you had to do all three. So I had to force myself to learn the dances that they taught us and I hated it at first.

Music is my life. Music tells story with it's rhythm, notes and words. S l o w l y , as I was forced to learn these dances... I started to learn that dancing was the same way.

NOW? I love to dance. It is an expression of emotion. It, as well as music can tell beautiful stories. I came across this video from "So You Think You Can Dance" and I just love this number. I love the way the girl dances in this. She tells the story with PASSION. This is so beautiful. Wait until the very end when the girl just totally let's loose and solo dances for a bit.

Also, this dance tells a story. It's about a girl that is broken and sad because her husband or boyfriend is a workaholic. It's her explaining through dance that she loves him and misses him and wants him there... but he is distracted and you see her true heartache by the way she dances.

Let me know what you think.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Online dating

Alright everyone. I have totally taking my blogging to a whole new level. I am now relying on you, my readers to determine my destiny. My fate is in the palm of your hands!

One of my last blogs entitled, "Not so boring blog" I asked you, my readers for suggestions of strapping young men I could date. Seeing as nobody filled out any applications (probably due to the rigorous requirements) I took it upon myself! I officially signed up for online dating.

Now, before you laugh, I want you to know that I am completely leaving to whom I accept a date from up to you.

Please take a gander at the following men, all of whom have contacted me and wish to take me on a date. Then, proceed to the upper most left hand corner of this blog and please submit your vote.


I promise that I will be a blogger of my word and follow through. In ten days, after the votes are cast and counted, I will let you know who the winner is, contact them and see if they are still interested... and go on a date. Then, I will take pictures on the date and let you know how to it goes. Please choose wisely.... Thank you!


# 1

A clip from Thoughtsmith's profile:

What is your least favorite thing to do?
"Being sick? umm i'm not really a negative nancy.... not alot i don't like... BURNING! i hate being on fire! well that is if it hurts or is causing damage if it isn't then it might actually be kinda cool! Umm... Drowning! definitely i don't like drowning!"


# 2
Age: 37


# 3

A clip from zrb1234's profile:
"Well for starters I have mastered the skill of walking upright on two legs (most animals cant do that you know). It took me a while but I have also developed an opposable thumb, if you like I will show it to you sometime."


"What It Do"
# 4

A clip from "What it do's" profile:

You wont get me from reading this, But if you must have something then ill say i LOVE LOVE LOVE my nieces and nephews. Im way excited to have a Family of my own, but until then Im learning that single life has it perks to! I pretty much get along with everyone and love being surrounded with friends.


# 5

A clip from eaglebound's profile:

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Location: Provo, UT, USA
Age: 22

About me:
Height: 5'5' (165 cm)
Build: Washboard

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Black Widow Betty

Alright folks, get this... this g-ma in prison right now under suspicion of murder. (Click here to see the whole story) I don't know about you... but when I look at this:
------------------------------------^ First picture... I think aw, bless her poor heart. She lost all of those men she loved...


I look at this next picture right next to it and something just screams
"HAHAHAHA! I got away five times with murder, you IDIOTS!"

I'm not really sure where I would get an idea like that... I don't know. I'm usually just got with investigations. When I was younger, I would always follow along with the Olsen Twins solving detective crimes. Since then I've always known I had a knack for solving important investigations.

Hmm... Although, it could have something to do with the fact that there is a bubble over Granny-B's head saying something somewhat incriminating.
But, I didn't put that there.. I SWEAR IT!

But I put together a little chart... let's take a looks at da facts here:

Alright. I got this. I got this all figured out. Do you notice how after every murder the years that she waits to remarry slowly increases. Now, I know what you're thinking.... this COULD be because as she got older, she became uglier and therefore it became harder to find a willing candidate. And I do appreciate you trying to solve the mystery. That's what I would think Iif I hadn't gone through the rigorous detective courses the Olsen's Twins put me through. (I have a certificate to prove it.) Only that is not it!

Because guess what? I know it! I know what it is!!!! Let's take a closer gander....

1952 her first husband dies... [because she killed him]

She must have realized how easy getting away with killing your husband is so she quickly remarried and TWO years after she brutally murdered her 1st LOVE she kills the 2nd.

Now, she takes a bit more of a break here thinking maybe somebody will catch on, but nobody does. Eleven years later in 1965 (the same year The Beatles are appointed Members of the Order of the British Empire... Or members of the Order of the Phoenix... whichever you prefer) she kills her 3rd husband.

CLEARLY, somebody might suspect the old hag who has
"mysteriously" had all three husbands shot to death. But nobody does. Clearly, she laughs. She then waits a bit in her black widows den, as to not arouse suspicion. Twenty-one years later, her 4th hubby DIES the same year the TV show's Alf, Oprah Winfrey and Little Pee Wee's Playhouse premier.

The jig is up. She knows she has gotten away with 4 murders. But still nobody has come or accused. Clearly, she will kill again. She has become addicted... and black widows never turn into kitties!
They-keep-a-killin'! So she does! But waits longer this time (possibly because she's uglier and it's harder to find a willing specimen or she's just being careful... I, however, vote the latter.)

ANOTHER 21 years go by and she kills again!
HER FIFTH HUSBAND! HELLO PEOPLE! SOMETHING IS WRRRRONNNNG! Finally somebody does something about it and this old fart is thrown in the slapper.

Written By: Candy Anderson



Alright guys, so this is the first time I took something from the news and told it to you in my own way, let me know how you think. Boring, lame, trying too hard, keep'm comin'.... how did you like that article? Let me know so I know what you like to read!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

I found this while searching my old "Myspace" blogs. I wrote this poem for my dad about 2 years ago and thought I would post it.

Happy Fathers day, Daddy! I love you!

Daddy's Little Girl

She was her daddy's little girl

He made her first pig tails

A time when there was barely enough hair

She loved her daddy

He taught her "the boyfriend kiss"

A time when her daddy was the only man she could ever think of loving

She would always be her daddy's little girl

She would run into his arms when he came home from work

Just because she missed his hugs

She loved her daddy

He would sing to her

She would make him sing a song over and over again

She always loved when he sang to her

Time went by, it escaped her so fast

Eight years old

She held onto her daddy's hands as he said a prayer and emersed her with water

The first thing she saw was her daddy's smile

She was her daddy's little girl

Time went by faster this time

The little girl grew into an awkward teen

Her daddy watched as she struggled with lifes blows

Aching for the time when he could wrap his arms around her and make it all better

For awhile the little girl forgot her daddy was always there

Sixteen years old

Her first date, her first car, her first kiss, her first love

Though she didn't show it, her daddy was always her number one

Eighteen years old

She's now an adult

Eighteen years ago her daddy held her in his hands and gave her a baby's blessing

Unaware of what this girl would be like or what she would face in life

One thing would always be for sure:

He would always be her hero

He would always be her number one

She would always be her daddy's little girl