Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wedding Preview

So don't worry there will be tons of more pictures to follow... but unfortunately an hour before the wedding was over I lost my camera (basically I'm pretty sure someone stole it) so sad :-( but here are some pictures... and more to come!!!

Thank you to everybody that came and supported them. It meant a lot to me, Angela and Enrique, and my mom and dad.

I have never seen her happier.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who's shoes?

Which shoes are mine?

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tut-tut... it looks like rain!

This afternoon as church got out we all routinely made our way upstairs to head home. As I approach the glass doors heading outside I note in my head there is a fairly large gathering of people socializing today after church.

As I bounce toward the glass doors I glance outside and stop dead in my tracks-it is pouring outside.... and I mean pouring. I look down at the floor inside the building and realize that even with the ceiling above-the rain found it's way into the building.

I wait a second to take in the damage of brave students just arriving at church and take note that it isn't good. I spot a pretty girl (who probably spent about 45 minutes straightening her hair this morning) gather up her tangles of once beautifully straight hair and wring gallons of water out of it.

I look around at all of the people around me and realize that nobody is wanting to go outside into this madness. Even the men are waiting, hoping somebody who was smart enough to bring an umbrella this morning, will offer to share.

Girls start flirting with the male closest to her - hoping he didn't remember how she had been ignoring him all month and would be entranced enough to take off his suit jacket for her to cover her head with as she dashed out into the pouring rain.

I laugh to myself and think.... "Silly people! It's only a little of rain!" As I start to open the doors, I really take in how
wet it is outside. Puddles make up my next 30 feet of distance-none of which is possible to be avoided. Rain drops are pouring down into this lake of madness and bursting back up into the air what looked like about 5 feet.

Flashes of me getting ready this morning and wrapping my hair around the curling iron for what felt like 3 hours flood through my memory. Suddenly, the dress I am wearing becomes my favorite dress I have
ever owned and I'm not sure how I can stand to allow it to get wet. I curse myself for not having a boyfriend as I watch one of the guys tell his girlfriend he'll go get the car and pull it around for her.

I stall for about 20 minutes and realize this storm will not cease until I come out.... but reminders of my newly acquired favorite dress (within the last hour) and flashes of me spending 7 hours curling my hair this morning pound through my memory.

I come to the conclusion that, sadly, there is absolutely no way I can ruin this favorite dress and favorite hair. I start walking around the building looking for something to cover my head with as to shield the damage. I am unsuccessful the first 8 rooms when I walk into what looks like Heaven and glance over to the garbage (not really sure why that was in Heaven) and I see Indiana Jones popping out. I'm not really sure why that is in Heaven either but I decide to take a closer look. As I inch closer I realize Indy's home is indeed an ad on a PIZZA BOX!!!

I get excited as I yank the Indy and the box from it's home called the trash can and carry it with me back to where everyone else is still congregated. As I open up the pizza box, I barely pay attention as a piece of half eaten crust falls onto my head.

I know everybody in that building is looking at me at envy as I strut outside into the rain-made "lake" with my hair still bouncing perfectly.

"Oh, clever me... clever me!" I think to myself as smugly smile to the 4 drenched girls running to their car.

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