Monday, July 19, 2010

Tacos anyone?

So don't worry the AIR CONDITIONING decides to go out the hottest week of the year.

My mom is visiting Angela (who was induced tonight) and the day after she leaves, this happens.

The house is a sweltering 87 degrees. I'm dying. Abby's dying. It's the PITS. (no pun intended)


Sav Gardiner said...

THAT SUCKS!!!! could be worse though! my in-laws AC went out on sunday, and they live in st george. and the AC guys are backed up... it's only 119 degrees down there.. UGH! luckily they have a condo in Vegas so they are down there until it is fixed

The Bennion's said...

I totaly know how you feel! OUR AC is out too!!! You really said it perfectly. It's the PITS.